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Who gets to know it, gets fascinated by it. La Casa dei Due Archi (two-arched house) takes you back to its old roots, with its fireplace and its smell of mirto. A cozy building in the historical centre of Santulussurgiu, has been the home of simple farmers and shepherds who kept alive the traditions of high-quality food, wine and filuferru. Those who have lodged here express the wish of going back to the simple existence of this village, to walk in the pebbled alleys after a day in the mountains or by the sea.

The folkloristic traditions of the Easter week and Carnival make it a special place to visit during these holidays. Before falling asleep in what used to be the shepherds’ beds - authentic but made comfortable through a refurbishment attentive to the guests’ wellbeing – you will observe the ceiling made of ancient chestnut-wood beams, interconnected to the volcanic rocks. Those who visited this house know how it feels to eat next to the fireplace, as the ancestors used to.

Everything remained as it used to be, except for the creation of two large bathrooms, one per room, with showers large enough to fit two. Forest wood is collected and dried for the few months of Sardinia’s short winter to give warmth to the house. In the warm months, the fireplace can be used to slow-roast lamb, pork or chestnuts. The two arches hug whoever steps in the house, as if they were waiting to welcome their guests up the wooden and stone stairs towards their bedrooms.

Those who arrive to the Casa dei Due Archi know that this house made of volcanic rock and chestnut wood talks, greets you, tells stories and listens to yours, while making you admire its simple sweet beauty. Through its deep roots, it lives in the past, but knows how to put itself forward for your comfort and relaxation.

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