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Come arrivare a Santu Lussurgiu
Luoghi turistici vicino Santu Lussurgiu

Panorama di Santu Lussurgiu
Santulussurgiu historical town

Spiaggia e arco di S'Archittu - Chic & Rural
S'archittu with its beach and arch

Fenicotteri degli stagni del Sinis
Carnival and the astonishing famous horse competition "Sa Carrela e'Nanti"

Fenicotteri degli stagni del Sinis
Flamingos in Sinis ponds

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Santu Lussurgiu e dintorni
Historic beautiful houses to enjoy a slow life

Santu Lussurgiu - Oristano - Sardinia - Italy

Take a deep breath when you arrive near Mount Montiferru just 18km from the western coast of Sardinia, and breathe in the tranquility and magic which exists in this beautiful part of Italy. At the centre of this enchanted area lays the ancient village of Santulussurgiu (www.comunesantulussurgiu.it).

Situated at the base of what was once a volcanic crater, the village will welcome you to its centuries-old centre, constructed from stones erupted from the volcano millions of years ago. Those stones will tell stories of the local wood and iron artisans, of the shepherds who for years kept the secrets of the delicious local cuisine.

If you want to take time for yourself to read, write, think, play an instrument or walk in the nature, enjoy horseback riding or windsurfing, cycling or sailing; or perhaps if you aim to rest in one of Europe's oldest and best-preserved cultures, without being disturbed by city traffic and noises, don't miss Santulussurgiu.

From this town you can reach the sea-side in 25 minutes. The travel diaries of two motorcyclists (link) will tell you all about these places. Pick and choose where to go every time you feel like having a day away:

- Sinis Peninsula with Tharros, the ancient Punic town and the Isle of Mar di Ventre
Alghero - Capo Caccia, one of the most beautiful panoramic landscape of Sardinia’s West coast
Marceddì, where you can taste fresh fish, buttarga and teh best pasta with clams you've ever tasted
Bosa, with Magomadas beach, an enchanting natural architecture made out of white sand and rocks
S'Archittu and Santa Caterina di Pittinurri , lain between turquoise sea and rocks sculptured by the waves

Excursion if the hidden beauties of in-land Sardinia. You have a lot of options.
If you want an organized tour, you can contact
Fabrizio Caggiari on (0039) 0784-288550 or ( 0039) 349-4434665
or www.laboccadelvulcano.it

Here, C&R offers you 3 houses with ancient rooms, back yard with BBQ and living room with a fireplace for you to enjoy.

From there you can easily reach untouched forests, breathtaking beaches, unspoiled landscapes which move with the slow rhythm of Sardinian life, characterized by fresh air and water and traditional food.

Expect to enjoy an amazing holiday, waking up and strolling into town to buy cheese, prosciutto and filu' ferro, the local drink distilled from red wine and spiced with the aroma of wild fennel. You can hunt for mushrooms, explore archeological sites, waterfalls at the nearby San Leonardo de siete fuentes
and of course enjoy the seaside.

Santa Caterina di Pittinuri: [maps google]
Mari Ermi: [maps google]
Putzu Idu: [maps google]

www.Ryanair.en (Alghero)
www.Easyjet.com (Olbia and Cagliari)

Rent a car:

Olbia: connections with Genova, Livorno, Piombino, Civitavecchia
Arbatax:  connections with Civitavecchia and Genova
Porto Torres: connections with Civitavecchia and Genova


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